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clAPI is distributed with the minimal amount of modules to operate effectively. Currently this list only contains six (6) items which will be provided below along with their reasoning:

  • clapi - this is the main file of the framework containing the basic global functions.
  • .demo - provides end users a way to test that the framework is working properly as well as a basic example for developers.
  • .shttpd - a minimalist web server that enables the local and/or remote display of web-based GUI frontends.
  • .shttp - required for the shttpd module to work.
  • .update - allows the framework and third party add-ons to update themselves.

Officially support modules:

  • .files - provides access to various functions for modifying (text) files.
  • .fs - our general purpose suite of functions for interacting with the filesystem.
  • .monitor - allows programs to be monitored for timeouts and user issued stop commands.
  • .mount - enables various file systems to be mounted.
  • .schedule - is a set of functions that enable comprehensive task scheduling.
  • .version - gives developers a very minimalistic version system for their own clAPI projects.